Don’t let your values end up in the trash

Hipli reusable packaging has less impact than cardboard parcels from the second use — and a wow effect right from the start. 

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Over 350 brands already work with Hipli

Find the offer design for you

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Give your customers a once-in-a-lifetime experience while staying true to your commitments. Sell online and ship in reusable packages, we take care of the rest.

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If you rent clothes or items to your customers, opt for packaging as circular as your activity. The cost is also unbeatable for you and the planet.

Internal shipments

Companies from all sectors, use Hipli packaging as a shipping system with your subsidiaries and partners.

They switched to reusable parcels

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“We are convinced that reusable packaging is the future. Hipli’s reusable parcels are very innovative, protective for the products and of remarkable quality.”


Escarpit Deputy CEO of Cdiscount and C-Logistics

Spiridon colis reutilisable Hipli

“The credibility of the brand’s overall approach is at stake, and it is what the community wants.”

Franck Tuil,

CEO of Spiridon

Spiridon colis reutilisable Hipli

The Hipli concept has received very good customer feedback on social media ! Engagement and commitment, but also strong positive impressions, especially from companies or journalists who approve the approach or even inquire how they can get started with Hipli !”

Alycia Moesle,

E-commerce Manager at Qwetch

Reusable packaging

Hipli packaging has been designed to last: it is rough and tough and will live a hundred lives. But it can also become small and delicate to be sent back in letter size, with very little environmental impact. As for its style, it never fails to make a good impression. 

Don’t trash your values

You design products that respect people and the planet. Do the same with your shipping packaging. Choose the alternative to single-use packaging.

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